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Manufacture of knitted articles ILHEMTEX KNITTED PRODUCTS TANASIĆ has started working a long time ago, in the year 1978, after its owners and founders returned from a perennial job in Canada. It is a family business, 100% privately owned. In the beginning, it was an up-to-date equipped dry cleaner, and it grew into one of the most modernly equipped knitted fabrics companies in our country after 25 years of unending hard work.

Now the modern production workshop works on over 900 kilometers square of our own manufacture and business area with the most contemporary computerized knitting machines of the last generation of the German company "STOLL". Machines on which knitted fabrics are produced in our manufacturing firm are the last word of technology in the production knitted fabrics on the world level. In addition, we use modern and high-quality confectionary machines and machines for splicing knitted fabrics. Here we produce sweaters in "Fully fashion" technology, as well as in intarsia, split and flexible stitch technique, followed by complete imitation of handiwork. Classical knitting and sewing are very rarely used in our country because all parts of sweaters are manufactured completely tailored using above-mentioned technologies and techniques, so that only splicing of manufactured parts in a complete whole are done.

ILHEMTEX KNITTED PRODUCTS TANASIĆ handles a complete technological process for processing Lambs wool, Shetland, Angora, cashmere, cotton and other, and it improves those materials in sense of increasing of the volume, softening, anti-filch and anti-pilling processing, permanent anti-moth protection and other, which increases the quality of manufactured clothing items in knitted ware.

All completed products are carefully and multiply controlled. Collections of new products are made twice a year, and great attention is given to choosing quality import materials (mostly from Italy and Germany), then fashion trends, wide assortment of fashion colours, which confirms our desire to please the wishes of the particular buyers. This manner of conducting business enables us to be constant suppliers of many fashion boutiques, bigger trade and wholesale companies in Belgrade, as well as in the whole of SCG. Our exemplary and hardworking collective follows all world trends in knitted ware. We visit all significant fairs and gatherings in Europe, as well as every fair and happening in our country. We are subscribed to many world fashion publications, which contain news from knitted ware production or which advertise different interesting arguments in sense of better organization in knitted ware production.

We have an up-to-date organization, not only in production but also in management and we are actively getting ready for business contacts with adequate business partners, to begin equal business cooperation with the world, through exporting products and services. Because of more equal cooperation with business partners in our country and in the world, the company ILTHEMEX KNITTED PRODUCTS TANASIĆ brought in a quality system ISO 9001-2000 which will increase our competence in market and bring our ability to please the demands of many buyers to a higher level.

All products of ILHEMTEX KNITTED PRODUCTS TANASIĆ have a trademark, which is registered with the Federal Office for Intellectual Property.

For all that, we have begun the construction of a business hall on 2500 square meters of business space, for better allocation of all the equipment we poses and to organize better in order to increase productivity. That is the reason we want to compete for credit at the Republic and Provincial Fund for development of small and middle businesses. We believe we will succeed. The market, knowledge and will to work and develop exist, but financial support is needed too.

Workshop project

Workshop project

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